Na Éirigh Gréine CovenNa Éirigh Gréine Coven is an Alexandrian (British Traditional Wiccan) Coven and our Covenstead is located in Southern Germany (Süddeutschland).

Our Coven is run by an Alexandrian High Priestess and her consort, an Alexandrian Priest.

Our Coven is also offering a group training toward Initiation. Training Meetings are at least once a month, preferably when the moon is full :) We also celebrate the Sabbats together.

Anyone interested is heartily welcome to contact Na Éirigh Gréine. For more information please have a look at our homepage.

A note from Pandora:
It is with great joy that I proudly present Na Éirigh Gréine Coven! Na Éirigh Gréine Coven is our very first Hive and we are ever so happy for them! May the Gods Bless their path and infuse their Coven with Joy, Truth, Strength and Honour!

May the Gods Preserve the Craft!

Covenant of the Rising Flame - Reinheim – Odenwald-Area, Süddeutschland: This group is run by an Alexandrian High Priestess who is a former member of Alder Stand Coven - Germany.

"Group meetings take place on a regular basis. Most of the time we meet in Reinheim, but also at other places (between the Odenwald-area and Rheingau-area). Currently we have two people in training, and a few others who are interested in celebrating with us.

Our focus lies on teaching/learning, knowledge gathering and celebrating the Wheel of the Year. The training and rituals will prepare the group members for the path that lies before them and are designed to teach the basic skills of the Craft.

We are interested in taking students and we welcome serious inquiries from local pagans who would like to take part in our study circle. Anyone interested is welcome to for more information."