Covenant of Winter's End (hereafter referred to as: Winter's End) is an Alexandrian Wiccan Coven. Alexandrian Wicca is a form of British Traditional Wicca. (More info on BTW...)

As a Coven leader, my job is to train and educate British Traditional Wiccan seekers with the hope that they will either advance to 2nd or 3rd Degree and start their own Covens, or that they will be valuable Elders who choose to remain with Alder Stand. Not every Wiccan is called to teach, but some are. Not every seeker will be suited to the British Traditional Wiccan path, and not every seeker will be compatible with every teacher and vice-versa.

It is with these goals and ideals in mind, I present the following summary of how Alder Stand works.

Winter's End is not a "Pagan" Coven. While we are all Pagans insofar as we are Wiccan, the similarities end there. Wicca is an initiatory, mystery religion, and as such, follows certain traditions and credos which may seem pretty strict at times. British Traditional Wiccan Covens are autonomous, most have a hierarchical structure, and are "beneficial dictatorships" in that the Coven has a leader, 2 leaders or a core group of Elders, and the decisions are made by these people. The opinions and ideas of all Initiates are of course heard and considered, but the final decision is made by the leaders of the Coven.

While we have fun, and we foster a close bond with our covenmates, we are a Coven, not a social club or coffee klatch.

How it all works:
Evaluation Period:
The first 3 months with Winter's End are the evaluation period. At any time within these three months, we reserve the right to discontinue training. We will of course explain these reasons to you and when possible, we will refer you to another group with the hope that they are a better match for you. We cannot possibly train every seeker out there, and it would be ludicrous to think that we could. Sometimes, it's something as simple as the fact that not everyone gets along with everyone else. It seems trivial, but a Coven is like a family, and we need to all feel comfortable and secure with one another. Some students will be considered for Dedication sooner, some later. This depends on the person and how things are progressing.

When the evaluation period is over, the time will come when you must decide to become a Dedicant of Winter's End or leave the group. Our goal is to train people to be competant witches. We cannot attain that goal if we have 5 pre-dedicants in circle. If you're not willing to move forward in your path, you're simply wasting your time, as well as ours.

Dedication and Beyond:
When you are a beginning student of Winter's End (also known as a "Dedicant") you will be expected to:

If you cannot commit to the above requirements, then this Coven is not for you. Still want to work with Winter's End? Step right this way...we'd love to hear from you.

Blessed Be,
High Priestess
Covenant of Winter's End
Kent, England

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